Why are patients listed when adding a provider?

In Administration \ Manage Providers \ Add Provider, what is the rationale behind listing the patients when scrolling through the persons? Is this something that can be disabled?

We are sometimes experiencing latency on that very step and we think that this could be because OpenMRS is going through all our patients when in fact it really shouldn’t (at least in our case).

The idea is that in real life it’s possible for the same person to be both a patient, and a provider, so this box searches through the universe of all persons in the database. (Also, it’s possible for a person to have multiple provider accounts, though this may break the reference application at present.)

I don’t think there’s a way to disable this; you could create a quick page of your own for creating a new provider if you want to bypass this step.


Thanks @darius. Out of curiosity, where is the code behind that screen?

You mean this?

(In openmrs-core master it would have moved to the legacyui module.)