Who is in charge of ITSM JIRA project

Am going through JIRA tickets, to close those that are complete, un assign those that were abandoned, help those who are blocked, and more… Then i came across ITSM tickets. But i do not seem to have permissions to close them. Who is in charge? :slight_smile:

It’s probably the members of the infra team (@r0bby, @burke, @maany, @ryan, @cintiadr). Which tickets do you want to close?

I’ll will make a note to put it on our TODO list to clean up JIRA :slight_smile:.

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A number of them. For instance, https://issues.openmrs.org/browse/ITSM-258 :slight_smile:

We no longer use it – it’s how we used to do helpdesk before moving to Desk.com. @dkayiwa, leave them be – they’re not hurting anyone. I wasn’t on the team at that point, but as far as I know we don’t use it any longer. Our processes are much, much easier right now than they were then – this is just based on reading documentation we have internally.

We can’t torpedo that – but nobody sees the ITSM tickets so it’s not like people will see them.

Please stay within your area of expertise @dkayiwa :stuck_out_tongue: I’m seeing you veer into areas where you shouldn’t be – the ITSM JIRA project is pretty much for historical purposes at this stage. There’s little point in even touching it – It’s not where I look when things need to be done, Desk is great and works for me.

@r0bby hahahaha. Lesson learnt! :smile:

That’s always been the unspoken rule…just because you’re a core developer, doesn’t mean you break that rule…Unless it’s a simple change (for example the recent PR for ID dashboard was not a simple change) don’t touch the PR :slight_smile: You need to know the code-base and have worked with it.

Lolll. Surely no man knows everything and am no exception! Next time, i will tread more carefully in the unknown territories! :smile:

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ID dashboard is the only thing I really control tightly due to the fact it’s critical – anything else so long as you’re willing to take responsibility if it’s a bad change, by all means go ahead.

If this is the case, shouldn’t we close all the tickets, and deprecate the project in JIRA? They do in fact clutter up our theoretical backlog and query results…

DO NOT delete the project however – historical purposes and all.

I’m not suggesting we delete the project, just edit its name to be “(Inactive) ITSM” or something.

@r0bby, (and @burke, @maany, @ryan, @cintiadr), are you okay if we (e.g. Daniel) do this?

  1. Closes ~150 unresolved tickets in https://issues.openmrs.org/browse/ITSM/?selectedTab=com.atlassian.jira.jira-projects-plugin:issues-panel
  2. Edit the project name to indicate it’s deprecated. (Or, archive it in JIRA, if that’s an option.)

I’m going to do it. I’m doing bulk changes.

I handled everything I could – there’s a few I can’t handle – What I am going to do is add a very restrictive permission scheme – If you are an admin on jira, you will have all access. HOWEVER normal users will not.

Issue resolved.