Which version supports Common Lab module

Dear Support Team

Kindly asking your support ,Which version I must install to get common lab module.

NOTE: If I install Standalone 2.2. Edition ?

Thank you

@herbert24, @f4ww4z and @suthagar23 , @jwnasambu Kindly Need your help

which version are you running apparently?

Dear Support Team

if Openmrs Standalone 2.2 can support common lab module, if not, then which version can support this module?

@shant could this be of help?

Is this the way always we will get support ? I think I am asking very simple question .

@shant this is not a paid support team. It is rather a group of volunteers who spare some of their time, to make this a better world. Therefore, it would greatly encourage them if you exercise a little more patience, as they try to help you. :slight_smile:

@shant basing on the link you have been referred to by @irenyak1, the is this clause

The module requires OpenMRS version 2.0.x or higher and Legacy UI module as prerequisite.

any version from 2.0.x and above supports the Lab module just processed with the installation and share the error log just in-case you face any.

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I have installed and activate the module (Common Lab ) I got question regarding the final result .

how can I configure to get the test results by age and sex ?

Congratulations! I really like your zeal. Just continue reading the document it has those steps.

HI for some reason can’t log in today it’s giving invalid username or password .

you can’t log in where?