Which repos are used for OpenERP

I downloaded bahmni 0.90 and I am developing with a team in OpenMRS in order to make changes that adapt it better for a hospital in my country. We want to start with OpenERP but I cannot find much documentation for developers. Bahmni has this page: List of Repositories needed for Development on Bahmni and I find this repo: https://github.com/bahmni/openerp-modules.git but this one seems to be for the backend of OpenERP, but I cannot find any repo related with the frontend of OpenERP or if it’s the same. Can anyone explain me how does this work?

In the README of the repo openerp-modules they say: Please read the following document on OpenERP setup: https://github.com/Bhamni/bahmni-environment/blob/master/bahmni_box_setup_steps.md But apparently the link is broken because launch 404 ERROR

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Hi @eliyas, You can find the openerp frontend code in this zip file. openerp-modules repo has Bahmni specific custom OpenERP modules. Looking at the build.gradle file would give an idea of how OpenERP rpm being packaged.

Thanks for pointing it out. We will fix the link.

Hi @binduak,

Thank you for your quick response. I have just a question: is that code in a repo where I can clone/fork it? It’s due our own process to have the code in a repo. If not I’ll create one.

Again, many thanks for your help.

We are not maintaining any repo for openerp-7.0 codebase. But you can check this github repo from odoo/openerp community team.

Got it. Thanks.

I appreciate your help.

Hello @binduak. I cloned the openerp modules repo. But i dont know how it is connected with the bahmni implementation. for example lets say i want to change some code in the modules…how will it update my system… Thanks

Hi @bryan, you can either

  1. Directly change the specific file in Bahmni instance.
  2. Create the bahmni-erp rpm with your changes and install the rpm in the Bahmni instance. Please check the bahmni-erp folder files in bahmni-package repo to build the rpm.

Thanks @binduak about this, but is there a link i can follow on how to create and install the bahmni-erp rpm… I also want to update the openerp-atomfeed-service on the server… Thanks for your help