Which OpenMRS version needed for Role-Base HomePage module?

Hello there, What version of OpenMRS is required to use Role-Base HomePage Module?

I tried adding the module to OpenMRS standalone 2.2 and it didn’t work.


hello @mseaton, Perhaps you can help me with this (:

Hi @hossam. This module is not likely to work on any 2.x versions of OpenMRS. It was written for the 1.x line.

Regards, Mike

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What a shame. It’s such a good module.

Nice of you to say :slight_smile: It’s a pretty straight-forward module with not a lot of code. It would be relatively painless for someone to re-write with 2.0 in mind, if they had a few days to dedicate to it.

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Hassan, would you like to take that up? :slight_smile:

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Well I am having some progress on where I stand on programming. Now I know what HTML, CSS and JavaScript are. Yaaay! :smiley: What I want to do most is make some simple videos for beginners to help them get started with OpenMRS. Systematic step by step videos. cause it is really hard for someone who just knew about OpenMRS to get started. maybe one day I’ll be good enough to take that up :slight_smile:

You could still take the lead. This does not necessarily mean that you develop it alone. You can act as its release manager, who mobilizes volunteers to get things done. :slight_smile:


Ok so what do I have to do to get this done?? I like this module so much…that and the HTML Form Flowsheet module and they both were designed to work with 1.x versions of OpenMRS they go very well together and to my limited knowledge I don’t think there is a substitute for them in the newer 2.x versions.