Which kind of OpenMRS should I use to develop?

Hi everyone, I am a current Master’s student from the University of Leeds. At present, I and my team members are working on our MSc Project, and aim to make some change for OpenMRS to add some new functionality to it. But, we met some problems when we set up the OpenMRS.

First question: Which kind of OpenMRS should we download to develop? The openmrs-core, the standalone version, the reference application or the openMRS SDK?

Second question: we clone the ‘openmrs-core’ from the OpenMRS Github and deploy it successfully, but there is no UI that can be used. I have checked these talks from OpenMRS Talk but it can’t help me. Let me show it. (I need help trying out my first OpenMRS module) In this talk, it tells me to drag my legacyui into the appdata folder, but I can’t find it out from my folder.

Third question: We also tried to download the Reference Application OpenMRS 2.11.0 Addons. After we opened the index.html file we found that it still prompted us that we needed to install the plugin used for the interaction. After I dragged the legacyui-1.8.2.omod into the openmrs folder, it didn’t change anything when I opened it again. I checked the html file and found that it just prompted me to download the REST file or another interface file.

At present, I haven’t started to try to use this method(Set Up OpenMRS Server with OpenMRS SDK and Docker - Documentation - OpenMRS Wiki). But I will start it as soon as possible.

If any kind people can tell us what should we do to start our development that would be helpful. We really can wait to start our development.

Thank you guys.

@d404d Hi here,i can pick on call with you tomorrow to take you through the different installations,mean while you can also install openmrs using the sdk ie OpenMRS SDK - Documentation - OpenMRS Wiki

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Just to clear some thing to you

  • The OpenMRS core is just a backend platform (data model ,database ,and service API) on which an EMR can be built . it has no UI.

  • The Reference application is a reference distribution maintained by the community as a reference EMR .

There are several tools that can be used to run Openmrs

  • The standalone for Demo/testing
  • Docker for quick deployment/testing/production
  • SDK for quick development setup/debugging
  • Enteprise . recomended for production

Thank you for answering my question. I will try to install the OpenMRS SDK at first. If I failed, I would like to contact you. :grinning:


Thank you guys, I have fixed the problem two days ago. What I made is that I forgot to move the leguicy file to the ~/.OpenMRS/modules. This is a quit stupid problem.