Which is my real backup?

I am taking backup based on the https://bahmni.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/BAH/pages/114729037/Backup+Restore+commands#Backup/Restorecommands-Complete/FullBackup

Is there ONE file per database to be saved for restore if required? The documentation does not talk about which file is the final backup after running bahmni backup command.

In case of OpenMRS,

  1. /data/openmrs/20170822221318_full/openmrs has lots of .frm files. What are these files?
  2. /data/openmrs/20170822221318_full/ also has openmrs_schema.sql and ibdata1. Assuming ibdata1 is the back up of my openmrs data

Same is the case of reports.

In case of OpenERP, OpenELIS 1./var/lib/pgbackrest/backup/bahmni-postgres/20170822-221548F/pg_data/ has lots of folders with lots of zip files. 2. Which files are related OpenERP and which are related to OpenELIS?

In case of other artifacts

  1. It’s easy to understand as there is a single zip file in /mymount

Finally, I need to keep appropriate back up files in safe storage. Any help on which of these files are relevant? And also where should these file(s) be placed to restore in case of system crash?