Where to have your project discussions?

Hi @GSoC2016students … by now you are probably excited and ready to start discussing your project with your mentor. Please remember a few things:

  1. Most importantly, we’re an open source community, so we do our work in public. This means you should avoid direct 1-to-1 emails, video/voice chats, Skype meetings, Google Hangouts, instant messages, etc. (The one exception is if you’re discussing confidential or personal information that should not be publicly disclosed. This is rare.)

  2. As a result, you should plan to use OpenMRS Talk, IRC, or our Telegram chat to communicate about your project with your mentor or other community members.

  3. Make sure you know the correct place on OpenMRS Talk to discuss your project. Tip: This #community:gsoc category is no longer the place. :slight_smile: If you are working on a defined software project, you should probably consider using a sub-category under #projects or #software for bigger releasable products like Platform or Reference Application. We already have a few of these subcategories and can create more if needed. If you have generic development questions, continue to use the #dev category.

  4. Finally, make sure to tag each topic you create with the #gsoc2016 tag to make sure we can easily track your progress and ensure you’re in communication with the community each week.

Please reply to this topic if you have questions or want to add new subcategories. Thanks!


@michael Do we have a sub-category for Atlas under #projects ?? If no, can we create one? Thank you :slight_smile:

Yes, there is now: #projects:atlas

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@michael, should we have a sub-category for the Android Client under project?

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It’s already there: #software:android-client


I see. Couldn’t find it when I did a quick search. Thanks!

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@michael As there are suggestions about not using Modulus in OWA App Store project,we might need a new sub-category after the final objectives for project are out.

No problem, we can adapt as necessary when the time comes.

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@michael @harsha89 @sashrika do we have subcategory for fhir stuff? I went through but couldn’t find a one.

It seems not available. @michael shall we create a sub category for fhir related discussions? The fhir tag is available :slight_smile:


We can get a new category. Meanwhile, if you or @harsha89 could try to tag any FHIR topics in other categories, it will make it easier to move those topics into the new category. :slight_smile:

Update: #projects:fhir is now live. :bookmark_tabs:


Thanks @michael :slight_smile:

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I did not find a category for radiology. I have been using #dev and tagging them with #radiology. Do we need a subcategory too or should we continue using #dev.

You could continue using #radiology in the #software:add-on-modules category. The #dev category should be used for general OpenMRS software development questions that could be of interest to the entire development community.

If your work expands beyond a single module, you can also request a subcategory under #projects.

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ok cool. :slight_smile: