Where do I get logic module for Platform 1.11.x?

Platform Version: 1.11.x

Question: Where can I get logic module for Platform 1.11.x?


Not authoritative.

According to this page, the logic module has found a new home here. The latest in the modules repository seems to be 0.52. Does this not work with 1.11.x?

Are you sure that you need the logic module?

In OpenMRS Platform 1.10+, the logic module is no longer required, since:

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What is CHIRDL anyway?

We are planning to upgrade to 1.11.5 and one of the modules we run depends on logic module. There is one thing that I am not sure I understand, did the removal of logic as core module ensure that the services it provides are provided by core or it just means one would need to install logic explicitly if they depend on it?

The latter! :smile:

Thanks Daniel. Here is the thing, the latest version of logic (i.e 0.5.2 when typing this) requires OpenMRS version Is there a version specific for 1.10+? By the way why is this module not under OpeMRS Github account?

That means you can use any platform version from and above.

Vinay I did some googling on it. I guess I was too fast to ask :slightly_smiling:

While in theory the logic module should work with the most recent versions of OpenMRS I don’t think this has been specifically tested, and I don’t know anyone who has been doing it. So please share your experiences doing this!

It seems like in June of last year @tmdugan was working on moving the module’s source code from svn to git. I don’t know how that played out, but you could follow up on this thread: