Where do i find the added person attributes within openmrs?

(Herbert Yiga) #1

After adding a person attribute in openmrs.I then want to make use of it.I then moved to the patient registration form thinking that i will get the attribute on that page.But i cannot find it there!! Also,when i look through the different person attributes available under the manage person attributes type page,i cannot find any on the patient registration page!! There for ,how do i get to the added person attributes so that i can make there use? My explanation above is based on some knowledge from this link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=byF8AEXk5A8&t=194s @dkayiwa

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(Herbert Yiga) #2

I have added the person attributes under Listing and Viewing of Person Attribute Types under the Manage Person Attribute Types, and now am able to see the person attributes for example when i search for the patient i added ,i can see the added person attributes thanks.@dkayiwa

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(Moses Mutesasira) #3

you seem to have solved the blocker?? right @herbert24??

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(Herbert Yiga) #4

yes indeed as explained above

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