Where did you Atlas marker go?

If you look at the OpenMRS Atlas and don’t see your marker, it may have faded into oblivion. Site markers on the Atlas fade by 25% each 6 months, disappearing after 2 years that they are not updated.

How do I restore a faded marker?


  1. Log into https://atlas.openmrs.org/ with your OpenMRS ID
  2. Edit your marker, making any necessary changes.
  3. Save your marker (making changes is optional, simply re-saving will “update” your marker)


If your OpenMRS instance is connected to the internet, install the Atlas Module and link it to your marker on the Atlas. Your instance will update the marker weekly to keep it from fading.

I can’t edit my site’s marker on the Atlas. What do I do?

Ownership & manual editing of markers on the Atlas was added a year or so ago. Sites that were added to the Atlas prior to this feature or sites for whom ownership has changed, may need to have their marker reassigned. Currently, there isn’t an automated way to handle this, so you’ll need to email the help desk.

NOTE: You must be logged in with your OpenMRS ID to edit your marker(s).