Where can I get Kenya core module for download?

Platform Version: 1.11.2

Question: Where can i get Kenya core module for download?

From Modulus probably.

hi @r0bby thank you for the reply, i can not find it there either

I’m out of ideas then :frowning:

@tumga If you are referring to KenyaEMR you can find all the information about it here: https://wiki.openmrs.org/display/projects/KenyaEMR+Distribution


@tumga find kenyacore here https://github.com/I-TECH/openmrs-module-kenyacore or alternatively just mvn clean package -DbuildDistro on kenyaEMR project and all the depended modules will be downlodaed into distro/target/kenyaemr-xx.x-distro.zip