Where and how to get the latest Bahmni installation files using Virtual Box

I followed the basic Bahmni Virtual Box installation instruction at:


After the build, I ran this project in Chrome browser. I followed the How-To 2016 video examples from Bahmni at:

There are marked differences in output UI between the Virtual Box installation instruction in the above link versus the 2016 Bahmni video demo. 1/ On creating new patient page, there are some data entries missing using the install instruction build I am using when compare to that in the video. The camera & photo on upper right are missing in this Vagrant build comparing to that 2016 video.

2/ On the “Start OPD visit” page, both “Nutrition” & “Fee” are grey out using this Vagrant build. Not so in the video. Camera on upper right is missing here as well.

So, if I want to include all the features shown in this 2016 Bahmni video in the Vagrant build, how should I do it? Where do I get all the build scripts?

Thanks in advance. Sorcerer