When to open a new issue

Say that we’d find a bug that require only minor changes and feel that it requires no further clarification. Do we still have to open a new Jira ticket for it?

Or is it okay that we just make a PR?

I would open an issue personally. Even if you fix the issue – but what if you fix it wrong? If you fix it wrong, then it is tied to the issue and somebody can do it properly.

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I also agree with @r0bby Tickets are not just about further clarification, they also keep a history of what happened, what led to this change (detailed description of the bug, screenshots, etc), and anything else that may have been discussed, even after the pull request merging. :smile:

@gayanw it would be a bonus if you edited this page to reflect the contents of the discussion on this thread. https://wiki.openmrs.org/display/docs/Tickets

Thanks for the clarification.

I’ve updated the Wiki. Hope you wouldn’t mind me stealing your answer.

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