When reboot openmrs "manage address template" is reset


Need help, When I change the configuration in "“manage address template” and restart the openmrs virtual machine, all the configuration the "“manage address template” is reset

This is the code that resets on each restart


Can you try to describe the steps to reproduce this bug please!.Are you doing this in remote environment?

first step: change “manage address template” image

second step: import adreess hierarchy

third step: modify adress hierarchy in referenceapplication form

{ “legend”: “Person.address”, “fields”: [ { “type”: “personAddress”, “label”: “registrationapp.patient.address.question”, “widget”: { “providerName”: “registrationapp”, “fragmentId”: “field/personAddressWithHierarchy” } } ] }

four step: voila all ok image

five step: reboot openmrs, and the configuration is reset. image


Great thanks for this description, will try reproducing it locally