What to do when demo server stops?


I am working on Android Client app, but the demo server is sometimes down. Do I need access to be able to reset it from there: OpenMRS environments - Reset demo server 2255: Build result summary - OpenMRS Bamboo ?



Request access at https://help.openmrs.org

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@salahoamro How about you point to Dev3 server since its some how up to date with the recent API’s and Fhir2 https://dev3.openmrs.org/openmrs


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I’ll try it. Thanks.

You could change const val DEFAULT_OPEN_MRS_URL = “https://demo.openmrs.org/openmrs with dev3 server, Don’t forget and commit with the changes. Just restore the value.

Thanks, it works. Though it’s different for the Android app.

Android is consuming on RestApi and Fhir resources in some instances.

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Any server that is running with webservice rest module will work by changing the API_BASE_URL to you’re server

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Got it, thank you!

We can also change the server by changing the URL in the Login screen, not necessary in the code.

if you ever tried ODk it has the same concept. actually it would work.