What to do when a volunteer manager/leader disappears?

What process do you think we should use when someone who has volunteered for a manager/leader position disappears?

What I’ve done so far is:

  • @mention the person on a Talk topic in their area a few times, asking for comment
  • send them a private message asking if they’re around and have some time

What do people suggest I do before removing them from the position (wherever it’s listed on the wiki) and reposting it?

(I would think I should write a PM explicitly saying I’ll do this if I don’t hear from them in X days.)

Hi! hmm…

It could be that they’re still involved in the community, but working on other tasks OR They don’t have time any more, and have vanished/left OpenMRS

Either way, it seems that we need to manage the transition well.

Definitely the mention and the PM should both happen, because they might disagree with you that certain tasks are their responsibility? (this scenario may be sometimes true, not always…)

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In this case their last message on Talk was June 7, and the task is a continuation of something they were working on. So I presume it’s more of a vanished/left scenario.

(I agree that the “working on other OpenMRS things” scenario also exists, and is qualitatively different.)

Worth thinking about how to “dashboard” participation. I think the impulse to give “/dev/x” levels comes from the same place, but of course, that only works for devs. So, how would one measure success at meeting committments? I would suggest that /productive/5 seems a little too direct!