What should be the proper behavior when a patient is marked as dead?

It seems like the logic when a patient is marked as dead is broken, for more details see LUI-84, any ideas?

I made a small comment on the ticket.

But in the bigger picture, I wonder: do we want to handle this as part of the underlying platform (i.e. in openmrs-core), or leave this as just part of the legacy UI?

Question for everyone:

Should the core platform have the behavior that when you mark a patient as dead, should this automatically trigger the creation of a “death observation” (i.e. an obs giving the cause of death)?

@slubwama @slubwama1 please comment on this ticket since you have just been working on death for the Uganda implementation

I think we should add this functionality in openmrs-core apps. I have been able to create that functionality in Uganda Implementation. Hope to share our experience with the community.

We definitely can add this to core, I’d like to hear opinions about whether we should

Death details are always/already stored in the person table. Does it add value to store a duplicate copy of the data as on observation?

-Darius (by phone)

I think we create an Obs because you can track the changes since they get voided and replaced when edited but I doubt this was the reasoning behind, I personally think we should get rid of the Obs if we are storing the values in the person table