What resources are most helpful to get started?

Hey GSoC applicants, what web (or other) resources have been most helpful for you in getting started in contributing to OpenMRS? Add links to them here and tell us about them, along with why you found them so useful. Thanks for sharing!

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Hi Michael,

For me, as a GSOC applicant with very low knowledge in how open source projects work ‘Getting started as a Developer’ guide [1] was the best resource where i could find all the useful resources were combined into a single page, for the below reasons.

  1. It provides information on starting with OpenMRS from the very first action like registering and creating ID etc.
  2. Since it provides a guide to Git, a person who has not worked with Git can still catch up and setup the code and build it.
  3. It provides a link to intro tickets, so it was easy to browse and read all intro tickets and pick one.
  4. More important for me, as i applied for a project where it is needed to write a new module, the below link helped me lot [3]

[1] https://wiki.openmrs.org/display/docs/Getting+Started+as+a+Developer

[2] https://wiki.openmrs.org/display/docs/Creating+Your+First+Module

Thanks! Milinda

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Hi Michael,

For me, a beginner of node.js, those java centric guides are really not much helpful to me, sigh…

But, you guys really did a good job leading us to right way.

The best resource for me is the Be A Successful Aplicant[1] section of your GSoC main page. Through that I learned how to communicate effectively with others. Actually It was this that guided me to ask questions on the dev-mailing-list and then got touch with @elliott, who kindly helped me through a lot of tricky works.