What is the best approach to implement Simple Billing facility alongside the Reference App?

Our hospital will generally provide free services to the poorest people in Tanzania, but on occassion we will treat people that have existing insurance and under these circumstances we would wish to bill the insurance company. As a maternity hospital we will have a relatively small menu of services and prices.

Do I/we need to develop this solution or can someone suggest a better way forward.

Take a look at the Cashier module by Band Health (formerly OpenHMIS).

Googling is not giving me a very helpful link besides http://bandahealth.org/tools/demo/

@ibewes, what would be the right URL to point people to, in order to read about the various tools in your suite?

@mafrica The best place to see the various features of the OpenHMIS Cashier and Inventory modules is on our documentation on the OpenMRS Wiki. If you have any questions or specific features that you are looking for feel free to ask!

Wesley, this seems pretty close to what I need. Generally we expect to bill by procedure rather than medication. Using the basic cashier module am I right in assuming I must create an artificial inventory item to represent the procedure? This just feels a little odd…

I have started to merge with my local instance of the Reference App (OpenMRS Version 2.0.1). Unfortunately when I install the current Jasperreports module I am getting:

Error while trying to start module Unable to load/find moduleActivator: ‘org.openmrs.module.jasperreport.JasperReportActivator’ Module: Jasper Reports Module

Is this a version compatibility issue?

That was fixed and merged in the module as you can see here https://github.com/OpenHMIS/openmrs-module-jasperreports You may need to ask @ibewes if they released a new version of the module, or else you compile it from source.

I have messaged @ibewes, but just looking at versions I am a bit confused. https://modules.openmrs.org/#/show/68/jasperreport gives the current version as 1.5.7 with compatibility just to OpenMRS 1.8 and was released in 2/16 (strangely there was an update yesterday, but with the same version number).

However, github seems to say that 2.x support was only added a month ago. I am afraid I don’t yet understand the path from github to the module library but it seems that the version in the library cannot have 2.x support - correct?

@mafrica the one with my fix is not yet released. It would be version 1.5.8 But you can always compile it from source.

@mafrica I can push out a release of the Jasper module but none of our other modules have been tested against OpenMRS 2.0 and so I’m not sure how well, if at all, they will work. We’ve been suggesting that people use 1.11 or 1.12 until there is a compelling reason to upgrade to 2.0.

I’m not sure what that update to the Jasper module was yesterday, I know that we didn’t update the module and I don’t think the other maintainers are still involved with OpenMRS so I have no idea how it got updated. Regardless, I will create the new release shortly.

The new version has been released… thanks to @dkayiwa for the fix!

@ibewes having read the wiki I opted for the implementation route of taking the Reference App (currently based on 2.0.1) and building around it. I guess I need to decide whether to back track or wait for tested versions of inventory, cashier etc under 2.0. Could you give a rough timescale for this to help me decide?

@mafrica That’s a great question but one that I don’t currently have a good answer for.

@dkayiwa or others who have upgraded modules to 2.x: how much work is generally involved in making the transition?

It generally varies from module to module. @ibewes can you point me the the source of the modules you would like to upgrade? Then i can take a look and give you a more realistic answer.

There are two main modules that would need to upgraded:

  1. Cashier
  2. Inventory

I’ve tested them running on omrs 2.0.1 and they do load but they definitely do NOT work properly. Thanks very much for any guidance that you can provide!

Can anyone advise when the tested modules may be available?

@mafrica We are currently evaluating what it will take to upgrade our modules to work in omrs 2.x. If only simple changes are needed then we will likely make them quickly but if more substantive changes are needed then we will have to wait a little while to schedule the work. That being said, if there are others who want to help upgrade these modules we would merge any pull requests quickly!

Many thanks. I would be grateful for an update when the evaluation is complete.

Sorry to bring this back,but I need to decide whether to wait for this to be available or seek another solution. Have you reached any conclusions from your evaluation?