What is Open Source to you?

Team! We have an incredibly opportunity with OSI and Open Education Consortium to participate in their “Year of Open” campaign. They’re dedicating all of February to open source software, and they reached out to us to participate!

Please take a minute and answer these questions and we’ll have them complied together!

  1. What is Open Source Software?
  2. Why is it important?
  3. What changes do you hope it will bring (for your country/region)?
  4. What is the future of Open Source Software?


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1.Free Software.Every where,any time Every body is granted access. 2.It helps those with lack of funds to have good services which could be soo expensieve for them. 3.Many people will get services due to good record keeping and I think there will be a proper planning by the Governments due to easy access of information and follow up. 4.Good people have been sacrificing time and resouces for Open Source Software therefor Open Source Software will always be there so long as these PEOPLE LIVES.

Thanks as well.

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5% is opening the software (i.e., sharing software publicly).

95% is opening the source – i.e., opening the developer by getting them to adopt open behavior.

  • Willingness to share failures as well as successes
  • Adopting (open) community practices of development.
  • Getting developers to share code before it’s “ready”.
  • Teaching (pay it forward!), since we’re all in this together.

In my experience, developers who can succeed in open source development tend to be better & stronger developers. Similarly, code that is useful to many, by design, needs to be more robust.

My hope is Open Source will promote capacity development & collaboration, empower developers to come up with meaningful and useful solutions to local problems, and promote social equity worldwide.

Open Source will continue to grow and improve as the best practice for software development, Instead of choosing whether source code should be made open source, people will default to open source development and choose to close their source only as exceptions to the new norm.

What is Open Source Software? It is not just a piece of software, it is the passion to create, capability to innovate, willingness to help, without expecting personal benefits, monetary or otherwise.

Why is it important? It helps you learn, it helps you inculcate various qualities, It helps you do your part in giving back to the society.

What changes do you hope it will bring (for your country/region)? I think it can have benefits not just limited to a region or a country, it is bridging the gap between people across the entire globe. It is encouraging many people to share their work so that others can have a look or even work on it. It’s like the entire community working in collaboration to realise an idea and help make it work.

What is the future of Open Source Software? I would say opensource is the future.

Hi everyone!

OpenMRS is a part of the Open Source Initiative (OSI) . We want to make sure that our community views are represented in the overarching Open Source Community. Jeff posted this three days ago; I wanted to encourage you to respond. Our responses are due back to OSI tomorrow!! we will compile a submission from your comments!

Please take a minute and answer these questions and we’ll have them compiled together!

What is Open Source Software? Why is it important? What changes do you hope it will bring (for your country/region)? What is the future of Open Source Software?

thanks for sharing your thoughts!

What is Open Source Software? Software which can be redistributed and can be re used by modifying as per the requirement. No pay no license have some technicalities and use upon your own need.

Why is it important? Licensing and cost are the main factors that the user thinks of the opensource solution (As per my experience). Secondly opensource is a good way to learn and make the greater community of learners and educators, whereas from the proprietor vendor its not possible.

What changes do you hope it will bring (for your country/region)? In the name of per user licensing huge amount of budget is being utilized. For scaling up in national level large scale deployment, opensource is best and easy to expand the program.( We are developing different tools which is opensource if any of the other country or any other programmatic components wants to use our system we can suggest them to use our source code and minimize the investment on customization part)

What is the future of Open Source Software? Opensource has a good future in developing countries as well as to companies who wants to use opensource software though as per the personal experience some of the issues are like

  1. Lack of Coder
  2. Easily understandable code is lacking should always depend with the core IT team.
  3. Update and release the patch in time. If we can make our community wider and learning community broader above issues can be solved and dedicated opensource evangelist can be grown up. I love opensource.
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Hi everyone! Thank you all for contributing your thoughts. I’ve complied your answers into one document here, which I intend to send over by the end of the day today! Please review and comment!

Thank you!