What has been your experience with virtual conferences?

Since March, many groups have decided to move to a virtual format - OpenMRS included. Since OMRS20 is late in the year, we’re in a position to learn from those who go before us.

We’ve already found a great guide for virtual conferences to help us think any number of things through, from social interaction to developing a schedule to registration fees to how to select the right platform for us. Resources like this one might give us ideas about how to transition our unconferencing sessions to an online format.

I know that I’m paying much more attention to all the emails I come about upcoming conferences to find out what they are doing and how.

Still, nothing beats hearing from those who have actually been there. I’d like to know, if you have attended a virtual conference or hackathon:

  • What has your experience been like?
  • What did they do that kept you engaged?
  • What made it easy for you to participate?
  • What bombed?