What Happened to the View Providers and View Visits Privileges?

Platform Version: 1.11.2 OpenMRS Version: 2.2

Question: I have noticed that the View Providers and View Visits privileges are no longer found in the latest version of OpenMRS (whatever version is running on demo.openmrs.org). There may be other privileges missing as well, these were just a couple that I noticed.

I assume that these privileges were removed on purpose but does someone know if they were completely removed, renamed, or combined with other privileges?

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Everything that was “View xyz” in the API was renamed to “Get xyz.” There is a ticket about this, and probably some archived mailing list threads about issues this has introduced. (Since we hadn’t realized that modules referring to constant values have those copied in at compile time…)

@darius Thanks for the explanation. Though I guess all of them haven’t yet been renamed as the demo site still has a lot of View xyz privileges.


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Looks like once the next Platform release is out the ones mentioned above in TRUNK-3372 will be resolved.