What does the _PARENT column in the form data export mean?

hello all

I am using the 1.9.3 Platform version of OpenMRS and the newest version of the Form Data Export Module.

After the export everything looks fine but for every concept in the HTML Form I get 3 columns in the .csv file. One is the name of the concept, followed by a conceptname_DATE which I guess tells me when the value was entered (maybe to check if the form was edited later) but then I get the 3rd column that has conceptname_PARENT. and it is empty. Now I was wondering if anyone knows what this means? I am guessing it has something to do with relying on other concepts or something because of parents and child elements, but I don’t think any of the concepts I use in the forms are relying on each other…

here is an example of how it looks like in the export.

as you can see the PARENT column is completely empty, and that’s how it looks like for every concept in the exported .csv file

If anyone could explain what this means I would be very grateful or maybe there is a way to not show this column at all?