What do you use for reporting ?

Hello all, trying to find out what people use for their reporting between the reporting module, Jasper and Birt reports-- Whats your preference of one over the other?

Our team (OpenHMIS) uses Jasper for all of our reports. The main reason for this was the Jasper report designer that allows us to layout reports exactly how we want. For our needs the Reports Module wasn’t a good fit because we don’t deal very much with patient-related data and we fine-grained control of the look of the report.

When we were originally looking at a reporting solution (and realized that the Reports module wouldn’t meet our needs) we choose Jasper because the module already existed and just needed to be updated for more recent versions of OpenMRS. We took on this task as the original developer of the Jasper module (Simon Kelly) no longer appears to be involved in the community.

We did not look at BIRT as a reporting option so I can’t comment on that.

Wesley have you documented use of Jasper anywhere i can have a look? And do you have the latest module (against what openmrs version does it work on?)

Hi Judy,

Although no direct integration is available today, my hope is that the reporting module would be a constant, and Jasper, BIRT, or other reporting engines would be integrated to run on top of it. I view the reporting module as the framework which allows you to define your data source(s), and design/rendering engines like Jasper and BIRT as possible technologies to connect with these data sources to render your reports in the way you want (eg. you would not put SQL directly in your Jasper/BIRT design files, but would use an alternative data source that is aware of your reporting module data sets, possibly using reportingrest).

I’d love to see this work move forward - here are a few existing tickets (which admittedly need more design and information on them):


@judy I am not sure exactly what kind of documentation you want. The Jasper module user documentation can be found here and the code is here. Examples of using the module from code can be found here (Bill Receipt) and here (Inventory Reports). Is that what you were looking for?

The latest version of the module requires OpenMRS 1.8.

@mseaton Being able to utilize the Reporting module from Jasper would be awesome! The Jasper iReport Designer does support different types of data sources apart from SQL (which is what we use for all our reports), including JavaBeans and JSON data sources.

This is a good start for me - I haven’t tried Jasper at all