What are plans for Bahmni compatibility with OpenMRS 2.0?

Is Bahmni currently compatible with OpenMRS 2.0? If not, is there a plan for a Bahmni update for compatibility with OpenMRS 2.0?

Hi dmehta,

Current version of Bahmni is not compatible with Openmrs 2.0. We haven’t planned yet, we will be planning to update it.

Broadly, we always intend to build Bahmni on top of the latest OpenMRS release (though practically it may lag behind, especially this time since 1.x to 2.x requires all implementations to switch to Java 8, and there are other big changes).

Thank you for the response. We will continue to use the recommended versions as we begin our first Bahmni install and implementation in Haiti in January via globalhealthcoalition.org.

Thanks for the prompt replies.

Devin Mehta

@dmehta, we look forward to seeing this!

Question for you: is there a page on our wiki that you were looking at, and where a one-line comment would have answered this question for you?

(Not that it’s a bad thing to ask here, especially with OpenMRS Platform 2.0 just released, but I’m wondering where we can clarify things best.)

We did a quick spike about a month back about compatibility with openmrs 2.0. You can find details over the outcome in the mingle card here

As of Bahmni 0.87 (released Dec 2016) Bahmni runs on OpenMRS Platform 2.x.