Welcome to the Leadership category!

tl;dr version:

All OpenMRS leadership has committed to greater transparency in our growing community by committing to both spending more effort talking publicly about how we’re working, as well as to make it clear on how we make decisions as a community, and how you can engage that process personally. Use this category for these things!

More detail: :smile:

Hi everyone within the OpenMRS community, in particular those in the OpenMRS community that consider themselves leaders, or interested in helping move OpenMRS forward. :smile:

As one of the many topics addressed in the 2015 OpenMRS Leadership Camp, we decided collectively to invest extra significant effort into having strategic and tactical conversations in a more public, transparent way.

We’ve decided to start this forum with the intention to publicly discuss topics such as:

  1. How our overall community objectives might/should change over time
  2. How we measure our progress towards these goals
  3. How we collectively work to wrangle resources (people, financial, partnerships) to move these objectives forward as fast as is feasible
  4. How we communicate the nature of how we make decisions. We’ve decided to call this process, OpenMRS Governance.
  5. How we coordinate with each other to get stuff done (calls, meetings, etc).

From now on, all conversations around these topics will be located here. Please feel free as a community member to participate in those conversations.

For everyone’s additional information, we have historically had a private, non-public leadership mailing list. That list from this point forward is being evolved into a “sensitive topics only” conversation channel.

Examples of sensitive topics are:

  1. X group is in breach of the OpenMRS license. What kinds of actions, including legal actions, will we take to protect the commitment we’ve made to the community to keep our work as open source per the license we package our work under.

  2. Y person is creating real strife within the community, and harming the experiences for others. What should we do to handle this?

I hope this distinction makes sense. There should be relatively few topics that necessitate this private channel.