Welcome to Christine Gichuki, OpenMRS QA TPM!

Dear Community,

I’m excited to share the news that Christine Gichuki will be joining OpenMRS as our QA TPM. Many of you already know her as our OpenMRS Global Events Manager for the past four years. Some of you may also be familiar with her contributions supporting the Bahmni Coalition as well as the OpenMRS Kenya Community.

Christine’s academic background is in computer science and she specialized in health informatics. She has worked on a number of OpenMRS implementations within East and Central Africa under different capacities, including implementer, quality assurance, and capacity building.

Christine clearly has a key interest in communities of practice, with a focus on sustainability and creating a space where people can come together to learn from each other. In her new role as QA TPM, Christine will tap into all of these interests and experiences as she leads our community’s QA efforts.

Welcome, Christine!


your most welcome @christine

bravo @christine n welcome

Congratulations and welcome @christine

You are warmly welcome @christine

warm welcome to you @christine we know we shall achieve much by having you as the QA lead!