Welcome! Please introduce yourself


This is Sheela. I am an aspiring technical writer and hope to contribute to API technical writing space at MRS. Thanks.

Please let me know the contact for documentation related work

Heyy guys, sid here. Came here to apply just learnt java knowledge. right now i am new to these things but with your love maybe save a life one day.

Hi everyone i am Chikeluba. nice to be part of this community

Hi…I am Neel Patel from nirma university, I am planning on contributing to the android platform and the website development. Please guide me on how to go about the issues

welcome @neel85 , @hectorjoey , @siddd @sheelamanohar ,kindly get started right here Guide for the New and Curious

welcome here @mumberejoshua :smiling_face:

Hello, am kinen key samson. I have always loved being part of this community but i dont have a mentor. I would be grateful being held and guided. Nice meeting you all

Hello everyone,

My name is Drake Geeteh. I am an aspiring developer interested in being a part of this community. I would love to get to learn how and where I may be able to contribute.

Thank you and it is nice to meet you!

Welcome geeteh and here we go Guide for the New and Curious - Documentation - OpenMRS Wiki

thanks mate

Hi Everyone, my name is Matthew, from Amsterdam, quarter Dutch, quarter English, quarter Irish, quarter German, with a Scottish middle name Buchanan

I like Linux and programming, worked for some years in IT, recently started publishing my linux knowledge on Een linuxhowto collectie - My Docs and learning docker

OpenMRS grabbed my attention and would like to share my findings and contribute.

Nice to meet you!

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Hi everyone, I’m happy to be here. My name is Innocent and I am a Java developer from Nigeria. I’m looking forward to learning and contributing to the OpenMRS community.

Warm regards

Welcome matthew here we go Guide for the New and Curious - Documentation - OpenMRS Wiki

Welcome Innocent pass through this Guide for the New and Curious - Documentation - OpenMRS Wiki