Welcome! Please introduce yourself.

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Yes @josekato2020 you are most welcome to the community, have you taken look at this to get started with?

(siddhant singh) #2184

Hi, I am Siddhant Singh, excited about contributing to the community. I am still familiarizing myself with the codebase.

(siddhant singh) #2185

Can I post some issues here?


welcome to the community you can have a look at this link to help you learn more of this community


You can use Talk to do that https://talk.openmrs.org/

(Andy Watts) #2188


My name is Andy. I’m working with AMURT Nigeria (Ebonyi State) to migrate a maternal healthcare (ANC) database built in MS Access to OpenMRS. I am just getting started. I would like to connect with anyone who is implementing OpenMRS for ANC or anyone in Nigeria working with OpenMRS. @jeremy @jaghatise I would love to talk to you guys a little! Thank you and I look forward to joining in this community.


(Ellen Ball) #2189

Welcome @andy712. Partners In Health has recently deployed ANC into OpenMRS in Haiti. This document can show you some of the features specific to ANC


(Madhav Mahesh Kashyap) #2190

Hello everyone! I am Madhav Kashyap currently pursuing my Bachelors in Computer Science from PES University in Bangalore, India. I would love to contribute to the OpenMRS codebase to widen my learning and to get my foot into large open-source organizations. Eventually, I hope to train myself in new technologies and get an opportunity to take part in GSOC 2019 with your organization. I have worked with healthcare based IOT devices with a startup before and hope that some of those skills are applicable here. I am proficient with Python,Java and Javascript. Looking forward to collaborating with you :slight_smile:

(Code Freely) #2191

Hello! We are a team of four undergrad Computer Science students from MSU Denver. We are looking forward to contributing to OpenMRS and gaining some experience working with a large open source community.

  • Team Code Freely

(Juliet Wamalwa) #2192

@madhavmk and @codefreely Welcome to the OpenMRS Community and we look forward to your contribution! Kindly follow this link to get started. Just in case you need help, feel free to contact the community members through Talk and IRC.

(Andy Watts) #2193

Ellen, thank you so much. Nice to meet you. This document is great, I really appreciate it.


(Brian Chen) #2194

Hi my name is Brian…got introduced to this platform during the Himss19 session. I am so astounded by the work of this community and want to contribute what skills I have to this. I am good a managing, coordinating, and worked in relational databases last decade . I am trying to learn more about the OpenMRS platform as a potential tool for coordinate eye care. I am in Orlando, US and working on an initiative to bring better diagnosis of eye care to all parts of the world that are currently under served. I am trying to deploy an instance of this at a local care clinic to see how it would work and would welcome and all suggestions. I know there is much documentation to be read-- is there a optometry or opthamology module available for OpenMRS? Brian

(jitendra joshi) #2195

hi i have install bahmni through windows and VM. Any one can tell me the backup and restore process step by step.

Thanks Jitendra Joshi

(Joseph Aghatise) #2196


Can we talk about this migration? I am based in Abuja, Nigeria. You can call me on +2348072235615 and lets discuss this further.


(Juliet Wamalwa) #2197

Welcome to the community we are glad to have you here. Concerning the modules, kindly follow this link to see what we have in stock

(Rimjhim Bhadani) #2198

Hello All! I am Rimjhim Bhadani, a pre-final undergrad student from India. I primarily work on Android Development. I am a big fan of open source development. I have been a GSoC18 student and a GCI17 and GCI18 mentor. I am here to apply as a student for GSoC19. I hope to have a great time here! :smiley:

(Juliet Wamalwa) #2199

Glad to have you in the community again. We wish you luck

(Rimjhim Bhadani) #2200

Thank You @jwnasambu! I am new to OpenMRS community. Previously, I have worked with Systers, JBoss and Fossasia. I am interested in the project OpenMRS Android Client. Is there a different channel/thread to talk about the project or GSoC?

(Juliet Wamalwa) #2201

Since you are new follow this link. Concerning GSoC follow this

(Rimjhim Bhadani) #2202

Thank you so much! :slight_smile: