Welcome! Please introduce yourself

I am Md Anam Raihan, an undergraduate student at IIIT Hyderabad. I have a good grasp of Java and would like to dive into the Open Source Community. I would like to contribute to the organization through the project “Data Integrity Module 4.x Improvement Project”. It would be great if someone can guide me.

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Hello everyone, My name is Anirudh Sharma and I am a student of IIIT-H. I liked the “Project Patient Matching 2.0” and would like to contribute to it for my GSoC 2017. So it would be really helpful if someone will guide on how to start as a contributor. P.S. I have good hold in C++,Javascript,MySqL and PHP. Thanks in advance.

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Hello !! I am Ankit Kumar, a 3rd year B.Tech {Computer Science} Student from IP University, Delhi. I am interested in contributing to the OpenMRS projects as a part of GSoC 2017. I was looking for some organisation dedicated towards improving health care facilities and OpenMRS caught my eye. It would be my pleasure to contribute to the OpenMRS and have the opportunity to serve for the social cause.
Experiences and Skills

  • Founder of the website: http://techvenom.com
  • This website is developed with pure HTML,CSS and Javascript without using any frameworks such as wordpress, jeckyll, etc. I created this website to help others with a clear view to some of the technical stuffs (which bothered me)
  • I have also worked as an Intern in Intec Infonet in Java Technology and have a thorough knowledge of Java & SQL
  • I am comfortable with the use of Android Studio and familiar with the basics of Native Android apps development
  • github id: Ankitkumar94
  • linkedIn profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ankitkumar94/
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Hi Everyone, I’m Tharindu Ranaweera, a second year undergraduate from University of Moratuwa, Faculty of Information Technology. I would like to start contributing to OpenMRS as a Google Summer of Code participant with the project “FHIR Module Enhancements”.

I am comfortable with Java and MySQL, I have experience in working with Servlets and JSP, Spring framework and Android development. Worked on several projects that used above mentioned technologies.

Since, I’m new to this community I would be grateful if someone could guide me on making contributions.

github id: tj-513

Thanks in advance.

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Hello all,

I am Chanuka Wijayakoon from the University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka. I’m a 3rd year student in Computer Science & Engineering. I’ve made a few patient management systems for medical labs & clinics previously and came across OpenMRS when OpenMRS co-founder Paul Biondich & Suranga Kasthurirathne made a surprise visit to our university in 2016. They gave a wonderful insight into how OpenMRS works and inspired us to get involved.

I would love to join the OpenMRS dev community and make a contribution that will help people around the world.



Hello @tj513,

Please add your GitHub ID to your profile. There’s a field in https://talk.openmrs.org/users/tj513/preferences in your case.

I’m sure you already went through the Getting Started guide at https://wiki.openmrs.org/display/docs/Getting+Started+as+a+Developer.

The project you’ve chosen has a dedicated page at GSOC 2017 FHIR Module Enhancements Project. You can talk with the assigned mentor there.

Hope this helps!

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Hi @merovingienne, It did help…:slight_smile: Thanks

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Hello Everyone, I am Mike Huang, a senior student majoring in Basic Medical Science at Peking University Health Science Center in China. I want to join in the GSoC 2017 and contribute to the OpenMRS project.

In my sophomore year, I started to participate in the research led by the Department of Medical Informatics in our school. The project demanded decent data analysis skills, during which I polish my python programming. After that, I joined a team at the Software Engineering Institute, helping to patch their APIserver based on java servlet and JSP, which aims to be a handy visualized tool for android developers. However, I’m still looking forward to contribute to Health IT, since it seems like a perfect field for me provided my interdisciplinary background.

The first thing I assume why I want to join OpenMRS is that I want to fill the gap between developers and health care staff.

The second thing is the limited access to open source EHR system in China due to the overall low involvement to Health IT community in the country. I have noticed the map in your website indicated regions benefited from OpenMRS, which doesn’t involve China.

All in all, I’m so excited to find a community dedicated to Health IT and I’m looking forward to get started here. Any comments and feedback would be gratefully appreciated. __ Best Regards, Mike Huang


Hi @mikehuang , Welcome to openmrs ! This has all that you need for getting started: https://openmrs.gitbooks.io/developer-manual

Good luck with your Gsoc adventure! :slight_smile:

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Hi @reubenv Thanks for your kindness! I’m setting up the OpenMRS SDK instructed by the manual and getting familar with the working flow now. Looking forward to cooperate with the community! Thanks again for being so nice to novice~

Best Regards, Mike Huang


Hi everyone. My name is Mrinal. I’m a CS senior undergrad at IIIT Hyderabad. I’m passionate about web dev and security. I have worked at CERN as a summer student where I was part of the Computer Security team and developed an intrusion detection system for all systems on their network. This summer, I hope to be able to contribute to OpenMRS via GSoC. Looking forward to getting started towards that!

GitHub: github.com/mrinaldhar

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@mrinaldhar welcome! If you’re interested in a security-related project, check this out: https://issues.openmrs.org/browse/RA-452

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Hi! i am Shajal from Bangladesh graduated and currently working on a software firm where I have been given responsibility to add feature to Openmrs.

Hello Everyone,

I am Aleksei Karpov (you can call me Alex) a student of the Faculty of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science at the Belarusian State University (Belarus is a landlocked country in Eastern Europe).

I am new to OpenMRS community, so It’s really nice to join the community.

I am interested in programming as well as applying computational and mathematical methods in medicine to improve healthcare. I’ll be happy to join OpenMRS projects and to contribute my knowledge, my ideas and hands on experience with Java (including Hibernate, Spring frameworks), MySQL relational database and SQL to the project as a volunteer developer. For me this is also a great opportunity to gain experience working in a distributed team on an enterprise-level open source project.

It would be great if I’ll be accepted to participate as a part of GSoC 2017 program.

PS Now I am reading OpenMRS Wiki. I would like to express my gratitude to all authors of the pages for very detailed project description and guides how to get started as a developer. Thank You, OpenMRS Team.

With best regards, Alexei Karpov

hello, iam Musisi Irene good to find you here hope, we shall keep in touch.

Hi everyone, I’m Rowen Rathling, a software developer, data integrator, and database administrator with a bit of extra time and I would like to take part in open source development projects both to learn and contribute to the world in the best way I know how. Looking forward to working with you all have a great day!

Hi everyone, I’m Néstor Bethencourt, web developer at an hospital at Spain. I am familiarized with Java, PHP, JavaScript. I would like contribute with my experience to OpenRMS. Hope my skills would be utilized to help people. Looking forward to contributing to this fantastic project!!! Néstor.

Hi everyone,

I am Sathish, a software developer having few years of experience in enterprise storage companies. Currently evaluating openmrs/bahmni for implementation at a hospital in my native place(India). I hope to contribute something to community in coming days…

Regards Sathish

Hello everyone,

I am Chirag, a student of 3rd year B.Tech (CSE) at NIT Delhi (India). I have done a lot of projects in Web developments (using JAVA, PHP, JavaScript, SQL). I heard about OpenMRS and found it really exciting prospect.

I wish to apply for GSoC 2017 with OpenMRS. It would be my pleasure if I can contribute my knowledge and hands on experience with JAVA to OpenMRS projects.

@maany (Mayank Sharma), a member of the community introduced me to some of the projects and I am currently taking a look at them.

Really looking forward to be a part and contribute to the OpenMRS community for good.

Regards, Chirag Chhillar

Hi everyone! I’m Manisha Rao, a CS undergrad at BMS College of Engineering, India. I am interested in contributing to OpenMRS via GSoC 2017. I found the projects really engaging and I’d love to contribute and improve my skills this summer. I am passionate about web development and internet of things and have done projects in the same. I’ve good coding abilities in python, java and C/C++. This is a great opportunity to gain experience in open source and I am looking forward to contribute to OpenMRS.