Welcome! Please introduce yourself

Hi everyone! I am Abhay. I wish to contribute to Open-MRS Android Project. Can anyone help me identifying good first issues?

Hello; I am Katabira Derrick Teefe a student of java, html and css, and would wish to contribute to this awesome project. will be glad to get help from members here, thanks.


Welcome to the openmrs community

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Welcome @prayutsu To the community. @f4ww4z could help with the android client app contribution

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Welcome to the community @teefe

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Hi OpenMRS, I’m Heshan Andrews. A freshman Computer Science undergraduate from University of Colombo School of Computing, Sri Lanka.

Love programming, developing and, exploring and playing around new technologies and frameworks and stuff. I exposed myself to open source development by contributing to repositories in GitHub and I’m currently working as a volunteering developer at Sustainable Education Foundation, which is an open-source organisation based in Sri Lanka.

I have some hands-on experience in spring-boot, react, ts and knows my way around a few other languages like c, java, javascript and, python. I would like to start contributing to OpenMRS with the little knowledge I have, making a valuable contribution to the OpenMRS while learning and improving myself.

Apart from tech side of things, I’m a book worm and a metalhead. Love progressive art-rock/metal bands like Tool, Porcupine Tree, Edge of Sanity and Opeth.

Thank you for reading.


Welcome to the community, @heshan! :partying_face:


Welcome @heshan


Welcome to the community @heshan


Hi everyone!

My names is Jessie and I am a senior at Dickinson College. I would like to start contributing to this project. I really like the goal and vision of OpenMRS and can’t wait to start contributing to a better future.

Looking forward to working with everyone.

We are glad to have you. I hope you looked at this https://wiki.openmrs.org/display/docs/Getting+Started+as+a+Developer

Hello OpenMRS folks!

I am Ashutosh Padhy from India, pursuing my final year Bachelor’s studies. I have some experience with web development and some coding experience in Java but have never done any Spring related projects so far. Looking forward to contribute to OpenMRS as my first open-source project. I have gone through developer docs a bit. Would love to have someone mentor me to get started :slight_smile:


Hi Everyone :slight_smile: i’m happy to join the openMRS community as i selected it over many other healthcare ERP’s.

Hello Everyone,

I am Patricia Soueid. I work as a Business Analyst for a Hospital Information System. I am interested to know more about OpenMRS and I hope i will be able to contribute to the platform.

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Hello everyone. I am Manish I am a student and I love Android app development. Please Help me How to start a contribution to the project, please guide me on how to getting start contribution. Please help. Thank you Manish

Hello everyone, I’m Ankit kumar from India. I would like to contribute in the projects. I have some experience in java and android development. I’m looking forward to work together.

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@manish @theanandankit, welcome to our community you can have a look here to get started with contributions !! https://wiki.openmrs.org/display/docs/Getting+Started+as+a+Developer

@saurabh Thank you so much reply (It help). For Android project (https://github.com/Marvel999/openmrs-contrib-android-client) prosses for the step will same as you given link doc for setup.

Welcome to community @theanandankit Happy coding!! Manish

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Hi all, my name is Shining and I am quality analyst at Thoughtworks, where I learned this project. Nice to meet everyone here.