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Hello, I am Scott Paffrath from California, USA. I’m a veteran Java programmer but completely new to health care. This is such an impressive project and community that I hope to be able to contribute to it. It’s a pleasure to meet you all.

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Hi @spaffrath, welcome to amazing community. feel free to start from here developers manual

You are warmly welcome to this community@spaffrath, please you can click here http://devmanual.openmrs.org

Hi Everyone, I am Morrison and I have been working with Openmrs for over a year now. I am among the team is working on the Nigeria Openmrs Implementation, so far it has been a great experience for me and my team and I look forward to doing more fun stuffs with Openmrs and continue using technology to help save lives.


Welcome to this amazing community @morrisng , kindly click here

Welcome @morrisng, looking forward to your contributions

Hello, I’m Sadi from Bangladesh currently living in Germany. I’m a IT student at FH kiel. I work at the Kiel University as website developer. I’ve previously contributed other opensource communities like mozilla, ubuntu, linuxmint and opensuse. I would like to contribute into this awesome humanitarian community. It’s a great pleasure to have you all.

Hello everybody, I’m Dulvin from Sri Lanka. I’m a C++ veteran trying to enter the Java scene as well as FOSS. I’d like all the suggestions on how to to contribute better and I’ll need all the help I can kickstart things in OpenMRC.

Thanks and best regards, Dulvin

Welcome to the community. We look forward for your contribution kindly click here to get started.

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Welcome @sadi007 and @dulvinw to this wonderful community . You can as well look in the http://devmanual.openmrs.org/en/ for further assistance on how to get started

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Guess am adding a brick too:grinning:

Good day, I am Moses Olara from Uganda, studied Land Surveying and Geomatics, but am always drawn to any platform that seeks to improve livelihoods, I love programming and I seek to use my background in Geomatics to incorporate new features that will help improve openmrs, I look forward to learning from you all…

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You are welcome @olara,


Welcome to the community @dulvinw.Looking forward for you’re contrbution. :grinning:

welcome @olara please you can refer here http://devmanual.openmrs.org/en/ for further on how to get started

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Hello Developers, I am Mark Mulondo from Uganda, completely new and super excited for joining this entire community of developers and implementers world wide. I have been introduced to openMRS by my mentor while i am still learning programming in Java. I am looking forward to achiving more experience in regards to writing codes and saving lives of people. Thanks

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We are glad to have you in this community and we look forward for your contribution. Kindly click here to get started.

@mmark , good to have you here

you are welcome@mmark, we are glad to have you

Welcome to the openmrs family @mmark.