Welcome! Please introduce yourself

@suthagar23 could you address this

Hello @pevb we received your proposal, please be patient you will get the feedback at the right time. :slight_smile:

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Hi everyone,

I am Mihir, a college student currently. I am here to develop an EMR using OpenMRS for my dad for his clinic alongside contributing to OpenMRS with new ideas and features. I am excited to work with you all in this wonderful project!

Hello @zenalc , you are welcome to this community you may look through this and that link to get set with your pursuit .

I am Onchari Wycliffe from Kenya. I work as a software quality assurance. I have over 3 years of experience in software testing. I will like ti offer my help in testing OpenMRS

Welcome @onchariqa! Did you get a chance to look at this? Reference Application 2.9 Testing

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Hello Everyone, I am Rahul Meena, I am a 3rd year student and want to contribute to OpenMRS as a part of GSoC.

Thank You

Hey guys! My name is Abdelrahman Mohamadeen, I am a 4th year computer engineering student. I come from Cairo, Egypt. (Yup, the pyramids country :smiley: )

I have been through a lot of projects, and build many tools using JavaScript and Python. I really love making apps!

I had an internship at ColigoTech, they are making an LMS using React.

I love building mobile apps using React-Native, too!

Nice to meet everyone.

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Hi @imok1948 welcome. Could you look at this and this to get you going

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Hey @abdo welcome to OpenMRS. You can also look at this to get started with

see you around

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Hello, My name is Gaurav. I am applicant of OpenMRS in GSOC 2019.


I,Anirudha Birajdar, Third Year BCS student of Nowrosjee Wadia College. As a team member, I am Collaborative, adaptive to new situational changes, also like to volunteer in extracurricular activities. Working in an organizational and punctual manner, realistic about targets & goals and practical about assignments. As an individual, I have great analytical ability and keen eye for detail, I am a smart worker and I like embracing new experiences and challenges. My hobbies/interests are, Dancing, Reading, Research, Gaming, Environment, Psychology, Technologies I’m interested in are networking, gaming, Augmented Reality, Also, I am a national level athelete and also participated in many team competitions ranging from Quiz - Essays to Handball - Football, Participated and won second position in a Robotics competition about constructing and programming a line follower robot in my first year and For Third Year project I’m working on a network scanner in java. Which I have Successfully completed.

I am trying to find the email of the mentors to send proposals, if someone could guide me to the relevant information.

Yours Sincerely, Anirudha Birajdar

Hello @chiku1188 so sorry, I have seen this late, however the wiki page that has the projects has all the guidance you needed to see to it that you submit your application.

If you miss out on this year, you could be strategic for next year’s GSoC. :slight_smile:

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You are welcome @gauravj , we are happy to have you here. I hope you submitted your GSoC application. :slight_smile:


Hello devs, Am Reagan, a medical Doctor but fascinated and enthusiastic about coding especially as pertains to health. Am currently working at Mityana General Hospital where Openmrs software is being used which I think is brilliant. Am grateful to @k.joseph for introducing me to openmrs with mentorship and now I believe am ready to add a brick to the building of the Openmrs mansion. Cheers…:smiley:


Hi @reagan nice to have you here. To get you going you could have a look at this:grinning:


Hi everyone, my names Tim. I graduated college about a year ago and been working as a Software Engineer since then. I always wanted to help on an open source project but was always a bit nervous due to lack of experience with things like Github. As luck would have it my first job used Git and JIRA so I feel comfortable enough to try helping out. Looking forward to learning as I go here too!

Hi @timjpc3 super cool to have you in OpenMRS, did you get a chance to look at this? It will get you going

see you around

Hi all, I am Otaru Richard, a web developer with a degree in CS. I love to test & analyse codes and to make meaningful impact in the world of ICT while i learn all i possibly can. This seems a good platform to do that. really looking forward to an awesome coding experience with you guys. OpenMRS looks quit interesting and I can’t wait to see how many ways I can contribute and learn!

Hi @richotaru welcome to the community. To get going you should have a look at this