Welcome! Please introduce yourself.

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(Fernando Barbosa) #158

Hi everyone!

I am currently a last year BS computer science student in Brazil. And I really enjoy software development. I’ve been working professionally with Software Development since 2013 (My second year in the university ). I’ve been working as an intern in different companies and I worked in a variety of projects. Since the last year, I am looking for an Open-Source project to work with. Because, I believe open-source projects are a great oportunity to learn and contribute with society. I decide to start with OpenMRS because I found an excellent documentation about the project, an active comunity and a good cause to work for.

My experience could be synthesized as :

  • Software development using Java technologies (Spring, JSP, Hibernate, Maven, Ant) and oracle database;
  • Constant use of GIT version control … And other things that I wrote in my personal space. (I accept suggestions for my personal space).

About me. I like to play guitar, listen music(Rock, Classical, Blues, and others), Read Books, Animes, Coding, Go out with friends, Philosophical discussions(mostly when I drink), I also like to run… and other things :grin:

I hope to learn and help as much as I can.

P.S. My main goal is to participate in the project, but if I be able I hope to participate of gsoc2015 too. P.S.2 I’m not a native speaker but I can speak and understand english well. Please, don’t hesitate, correct me if I say something wrong or very strange :grin:

Best, Fernando

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(Ernesto Afonso Chilengo) #160

Hi. I’m Ernesto Afonso, student of Eduardo Mondlane University. i study information technology, so i hope save lives with contribution.

(Haolan Chen) #161

Hi everyone,

I am Haolan, first year master student in Electrical and Computer Engineering department, University of Alberta.

I love programming since it is the most convenient way to do something cool. Besides I have a lot of coding experience especially in J2EE and python, with which I experienced a couple of projects and my internship.

I have always been benefiting from open source community, from which I learned a lot and also git cloned a lot but not yet contributed much. Thus I hope I could get some guidance and start to play as an active open source developer in the community. I wish someday my codes really help here, thanks!

(Agusti Bau) #162

Hello everyone, my name is Agusti Bau, I’m an spanish cs student, currently cursing my 3d grade. I’m looking to join you within this year’s gsoc. I’m definitely passioned about computer science, and what I love from openMRS is that helps so many people and they don’t even knowing it. Is like being batman more or less.

My technical background aside from college would be Android-java, C/C++, some javascripting/nodejs.

Best regards, Agusti

(Mayank Sharma) #163

I am Mayank Sharma from New Delhi, India. I am a sophomore at National Institute of Technology, Delhi, and a FOSS enthusiast. I am an Oracle Certified Associate, Java Programmer and worked with jMonkeyEngine during Google Summer of Code 2014 on the project ‘Cinematic Editor’. I met @michael and @harshadura at the Fossasia summit in Singapore and have become fond of OpenMRS ever since.I have developed large projects involving Struts 2., JSP 2.2, Servlets 3.0, Hibernate 3 (I know you guys are migrating to Hibernate 4) , Spring and I am looking forward to contribute more here.I had my first PR on github yesterday :slight_smile:

(Harsha Siriwardena) #164

Welcome to the community Mayank! Glad you made it.

(Ken Joseph) #165

Hi I’m Ken Joseph a graduate in Information Technology, I do web design, java programming, and Music is my Co-Activity.

I’m a beginner with OpenMRS and looking forward to knowing and contribute greatly to these open world of development.

(Muhammad Ahmed Memon) #166

Hi All, My name is Muhammad Ahmed .I am Software Developer at Interactive Health Solutions(informatics) . i am newbie to OpenMRS . when i joined IHS , i came to hear alot about OpenMRS and how most of our development is based on OpenMRS .it’s fascinating how OpenMRS community is developing this system by adding new features and reporting techniques . All this came by little contributions from everyone, which made me realize i should also contribute to the System . OpenMRS has given world a brilliant System for Health . Thanks Muhammad Ahmed

(musa wagole) #167

I call my self REFUGE: Am a student at Nairobi Aviation College: Doing Diploma in Computer science:

(Elisha Olwal) #168

Elisha Olwal, I am an upcoming software developer and I have just concluded the openmrs bootcamp at Kisumu. I have learned a lot of things within a scarce time limit, most of the things I have learned are new concepts applicable to the OpenMRS program and I feel that I still need to learn more things. I am glad about the new concepts learned.

(Steven Crain) #169

I’m a computer science professor at SUNY Plattsburgh, a smallish college in New York state, just south of Canada. I do research in machine learning with consumer health applications. I am currently teaching a computer security class, and am planning to have the class do a security audit of OpenMRS later this month. Thought they are only beginners at this, I hope that they will produce something of value to the community.

Outside being a professor, I love to get out of doors to enjoy nature, whether gardening, crafting things with wood or hiking in the mountains.

(Saad Qureshi) #170

Hi all! I am M.Saad Qureshi and I have studied BS-Bioinformatics from Baqai Medical University and currently working at Interactive Health Solutions as a Software Engineer. This is my first interaction with OpenMRS so I am learning more about it and I would like to contribute to make it more fruitful as I believe it will be a best use of my skills :smile:

(Jeremy Gabrysch) #171

Greetings everyone! I am a physician (trained in Emergency Medicine), and for the past 3.5 years have been serving as the Chief Medical Officer for a teaching and referral hospital in southern Ethiopia. When I started at this hospital, we had no electronic methods of capturing clinical data. I learned about OpenMRS, and about four months ago we implemented it here. (The first two years were putting a network in place). We have begun with Patient Registration, and capturing Diagnosis data on outpatients and inpatients. We are keen to expand the use of OMRS throughout the hospital including outpatient clinics, physician order entry, and keeping tabs on our inpatient census. We lok forward to being a part of the community!

(Megan Hatfield) #172

I am one of Mr. Francis’s senior students working on this project. We are all excited to dive in and find somewhere to contribute. Just wanted to associate myself with his introduction! –Megan Hatfield

(Willa Mhawila) #173

Hi all, I am Mhawila Mhawila but I go by Willa. Introduction is probably one of the things I am not good at. But anyway I am a developer, sys admin, trainer and a father :wink:. I work for Regenstrief as a software developer mainly supporting AMPATH Kenya development and IT teams.

I hope I have tried! Remember I said introduction is hard for me!

(Wes Rishel) #174

Introducing myself, Wes Rishel. I generally describe me as a Retired Healthcare IT Nerd. Back in the day I was very active in HL7, writing some of and editing all of the early Version 2 standards. I was also Chair of HL7 for two years and on the Board for 20.

In my retirement I continue to spend time following IT and I recently began advising my local health information exchange, the North Coast Health Information Network serving Humboldt and Del Norte Counties in California. We are a rural area and operate the HIE on a shoestring. For example we can’t afford any major commercial HIE software. We have had good success distributing results from hospitals, labs and certain other providers to providers’ EHRs in our area. (These days most providers have EHRs.)

We are contemplating a major new shoestring, creating a portal enabling clinicians and care coordinators to look up results.

My main interest in OpenMRS is to see if anyone has adapted it to this use. The portal seems like a subset of OpenMRS functionality. Our current database gets around many of the issues by preformatting incoming a V2 Results message into a single HTML page. The current RDBMS structure has no discrete entities subordinate to a message. It was a great shoestring design to get us started but if we want to support displays of subparts of messages and specific searches we have to convert to an RDMBS design that is more classically structured.

I share with all right-thinking people great respect for the OpenMRS mission and success.


Wes Rishel Retired Healthcare Computer Nerd

“You can tell whether a man is clever by his answers. You can tell whether a man is wise by his questions.”

Naguib Mahfouz

(Terry Hannan) #175

Hi Michael, as you know I am one of the “ancients” on this project of MMRS early AMPATH era. Each posting (daily) keeps me tantalised and I live in the hope that I can continue to be a posiitve contributor and learner from this amazing project.

(kesten broughton) #176

Hi, I’m kesten.

I’m with CognitiveScale devops. I’m joining to see if i can get help with making our installation more robust and possibly contributing to install / data ingest.

I have been given permission to post our ansible installer for openmrs on ansible galaxy. The github repo is here.

(Stefan Buttigieg) #177

I’m Stefan Buttigieg, a 27 year old Medical Doctor currently undertaking an online Masters in Health Informatics at the University of Sheffield and very interested in developing and implementing installations of OpenMRS around the world.

I’d like to advocate OpenMRS as a viable solution to the Health Institutions I’m involved in :)!