[Weekend 15th/16th July] Scheduled outages - ID


After a long long fight with ITSM-4188, I’m ready to recreate our openldap database.

I expect that ID will be read-only for about 12-18 hours. During that time, no new users would be able to sign up, no passwords can be reset, and no new permissions can be granted.

There’s at least one hour that sign in to JIRA and Wiki will be completely unavailable to all users.

Sorry for the inconvenience. I will make sure that the status page will be updated as I continue with the process.

cc @jwnasambu and @dkayiwa


Thanks @cintiadr for working on this and keeping us updated. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the update.

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This is starting now.

Resetting passwords and granting permissions are still not working.

ID is back to normal. No data was lost.

The following things were done:

  • LDAP was upgraded to latest available version. That means a new backend (from hdb to mdb), which is supposedly faster and better. Also requiring less maintenance.
  • Configuration and main nodes was recreated from scratch, and it’s available to run locally. That’s what was preventing us to rotating the passwords and recreating containers for more than a year. Also the reason why we had certificate problems every 2 months.
  • Infrastructure passwords rotated. That was required to make the ansible repository public.
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Thanks @cintiadr for this update. I like the fact that these changes require less maintenance! :slight_smile: