We should use ESLint over JSHint (if we aren't using linters already)

We should use eslint, here is a post about it. We have a lot of javascript and every project within OpenMRS could benefit from this (if we aren’t using it already.

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Nice tool but it’s unfortunate that it requires node which isn’t in the stack for most people AFAICT … or maybe I’m missing something? :slight_smile:

That seems right @michael, it requires node.js and io.js which am not sure we wish to add along with it, but looks like a pretty good tool. Let’s see what others have to say

Adding node.js as a dependency isn’t a bad thing…it’s not hard either with nvm, which is a tool similar to rvm. It’s not exactly a hard task to install node, especially if the gains are decent.


I like the idea and the tool.

That being said, people dealing with the new js frameworks such as Angular and React most likely might have already dealt with node.js and would be a good idea to pitch this idea to the new modules coming up with them and see if they like it(which they most likely will).

I suggest the above method as in my opinion the things included in the distro are usually the ones that have shown promise in one module or other and are a little widely acknowledged in the community. Trying to include something new directly(node.js is new for most as @michael pointed out) will evoke mixed responses if not negative. And as things progress many modules in the distro are likely to be converted to an angular/react framework and this has good chances to be accepted as a good practice.


what @maurya has said is correct – you already rely on node for angular development…just not directly visible…we use grunt right? That is a node app :slight_smile: Embrace new stuff.