We should have a 2.7.x branch for the RA distro project


I believe we should be having a 2.7.x branch for the RA distro project in github, the module versions in master should be reset back to snapshots for actively developed modules, this is the correct thing to do when releasing a minor version because it lets master to continue progressing and the ensuing builds continue to get deployed to the qa-server which isn’t happening right now. We would need to do the manual run of the stage that deploys the build off the new 2.7.x branch to the uat-server for pre-release testing.

@tendomart do you think you can find someone to do this?

@wyclif what are the privileges to do so, and in any case can i try to do that ?

@wyclif My understanding or expectation is that this branch would be created at the time of releasing RA 2.7 not before

The branch has to be created at the point when the release manager believes all the tickets for the milestone are covered, you don’t want any more unwanted changes going into the release except for intentional bug fixes that need to be applied to the branch after it has been created.

All you need is commit access to the openmrs space for the project in github in order to push the branch, do you have commit access to openmrs-core?

@wyclif, the issue is that CI configuration isn’t prepared for building and releasing from a branch. I would recommend to stick to original release instructions and adjust the config after the 2.7 release.

I do agree with what you are proposing, but it’s not the best timing to make such changes.

@raff CI allows running builds and presumably releases off branches, I just did it when I was releasing 2.6.1 and the only thing I did was point it to the 2.6.x branch, there is no significant changes that need to be done.

As you can see from the snapshot, you can build and release from a branch.