We Need a Release Manager for Ref App 2.10

Hello OpenMRS Community,

We are looking for a Release Manager for OpenMRS Reference Application 2.10, which is scheduled for release later this year. Are you aspiring to become a /dev/3, /dev/4, or /dev/5? Being a release manager is a valuable experience for any open source developer, lets you influence the roadmap and priorities for the community, and gives you the opportunity to make a substantial and prominent contribution to the OpenMRS mission. This is a crucial role that ensures the awesome contributions of various volunteers to be available to everyone.

The job of a release manager is not to do all the work; rather, to make decisions on what goes into the release and to guide the community through the release process .

Remember, we are a community that works together, so you will not be alone in the release process. We have a documented process, weekly project management calls to discuss issues, and several previous release managers in our community who can provide mentoring for you and answer your questions.

More information and criteria can be found here https://wiki.openmrs.org/display/docs/Release+Process

To volunteer to be Release Manager for OpenMRS Reference Application 2.10, reply to this message.

Skills Needed:

  • Time to be the release manager between April to September
  • Good Communication Skills
  • Basic DevOps skills - creating ssh keys, being able to ssh into a remote environment, basic file operations in a remote environment.
  • Being comfortable with different communication tools to interact with different members of the community.

Also, we have identified a Mentor Release Manager in the name of @k.joseph who will support the Release manager for 2.10 to move things forward.


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@ruhanga and @herbert24 could you be of help here?

Thank you @c.antwi and @jwnasambu on this. I am willing to take this up but depending on how this here goes.


yes true i can @jwnsambu @c.antwi

I will Co-Mentor any one Selected.


if given the opportunity, i would gladly wish to volunteer on this .

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thats great

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Hey Everyone

I wanted to remind those who have volunteered or nominated themselves as a Release Manager for this release :slight_smile:

  1. You must be able to avail 6-8 hrs a week during the course of the release. This time requirement may fluctuate upward or lower depending on where you are in the release process.

  2. Illustrate that you have or can meet the required skill set posted at the beginning of the post.

We will continue to receive nominations for this role until Friday 26 April 2019.

If you have specific questions regarding the requirements, please post on this thread.

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hello @c.antwi, i have an experience with doing these , but am wondering how am i exactly supposed to demonstrate here :wink: ?? thanks.

created SSH on my local machine here.

am using OpenSSH client which comes with git.

and i use SSH with my triton Remote server Accout

Yes i can use talk , IRC , Uberconference .

with that, i have a little experience with filezilla (it is my preferred FTP client) when transfering files from my local machine to my cloud storage instances like DriveHq

So i use openSSH to generate ssh keys , and use fileZilla for file transfers

@c.antwi I hope this is the illustration you wanted :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi @c.antwi. Can you be more elaborative on how good we can illustrate that we meet the requirements??. Thanks

@mozzy I have seen your post. For now what you have posted is sufficient. However what I think is more crucial is the time commitment required to complete the release process to the end. If you are sure that you have the bandwidth, then that’s amazing !

We should be able to announce who the release manager will be very soon

yes , surely i can dedicate my self for this work for the above required time.


I am highly available for this opportunity ,very willing to spend 8 and even more hours on the release process a week, and good with using the communication tools that we have,that is irc and uberconference so as to interact with the community members.I have compiled up my understanding ,experience and illustrations about ssh and remote environment in the document attached here sshkey summary.pdf (192.9 KB) thanks

Some of the work I have done includes

  • I have worked on five tickets and the PRs have been merged.
  • I have worked on 19 tickets that are under code review . Here is the Link to my GitHub https://github.com/mozzy11.

And if given the opportunity to do this job, it would greatly improve my experience with Open-MRS. Thanks

@c.antwi will be greatly glad to be given this opportunity since i have applied on it for the past years and not yet got an opportunity!!!

Hey Everyone !

Thanks for all the amazing input !.

@mozzy will be the Release Manager for Ref. 2.10 .

@k.joseph and @reubenv will be co- mentoring you.

Congratulations and we look forward to a successful release


Thanks @c.antwi for this great opportunity. surely ill try to do my best to see this becomes a success. And i also thank every one for their participation in this. i hope we shall all collaborate as a team to make this a success

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congratulations brother!!!

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Congratulations @mozzy I believe you will make it. :slight_smile:

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