WANTED: Volunteers for OpenMRS Worldwide Event Team

OpenMRS Community Management is proud to announce the formation of our worldwide event team! As you probably know, OpenMRS is rapidly growing, and we’re expanding the scope and frequency of our global events to support our growing community.

We’re looking for volunteers with all types of backgrounds, and we need your help. Some of the skills that we need on our team include:

  • Financial management (budgeting, planning, paying bills)
  • Fundraising (recruiting and working with sponsors)
  • Technology (setup and maintenance of event web site, registration tools, etc.)
  • Logistics experience (coordinating vendors, people, and materials)
  • Production (event program development, audio-video, network engineering)
  • Operations (hands-on assistance keeping things running during events)

We can’t offer you fortune, but we can offer you fame (within OpenMRS, anyway!) as well free attendance (and food!) at the events that you volunteer to help make possible.

This week, we’re already starting the planning process for the OpenMRS Worldwide Summit in Asia late this year, and we need help from talented and dedicated people like you. As an event team volunteer, you’ll work regularly on the planning process, a little each week, with increasing time investments as the event gets closer. While Summit will happen each year, our team will also support OpenMRS implementing partners in hosting our long-running OpenMRS Implementers Meetings around the world, such as the one just completed in Maputo last week. The team will also assist in planning of our new OpenMRS Camp leadership retreats throughout the year.

If any of these volunteer areas sound interesting to you, please drop us a line at community■■■■■■■■■■■■, and let us which of the above areas best fit you. Also let us know what skills, talents, or interests you might be able to bring to the event planning process.

If you’ve got questions about the team or what it does, feel free to reply to this topic.

We look forward to welcoming you as a leader on our team!