Volunteers needed for manuals, reporting, and documentation!

OpenMRS is looking for volunteers to help with user manuals, case reporting, and documentation!

@osagie.ehigiato has expressed interest and would be a great asset in this project. @ayeung, I believe you have been working with Osagie and have been doing some amazing things as well - do you think you might have the bandwidth to contribute to this project?

We’ve also had some external inquiries come in and I wanted to organize it all here so we can see who can be used as a resource for others that are involved!

Here is a link to an amazing guide that @surangak worked on! Maybe we can use this as our starting point and expand on it?

Ready. Set. GO!

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@jeffneiman, when expanding on the guide (btw it was collaborate effort), let’s consider moving it to a different location than flossmanuals such as our wiki or github. The flossmanuals service doesn’t seem to be actively developed and it’s rather hard to use. I’m always reluctant to update its content, because of all the trouble it takes.

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There are definitely some advantages of hosting on our infrastructure, but I think something like Read The Docs might also be a good option.

@raff @pascal great suggestions!

I’m definitely a fan of hosting everything OpenMRS related on our sites.

Hi, @jeffneiman. I am in transition into a new job and I will need some time to settle down before making commitment. However, please keep me in the loop and I will jump in once I have more bandwidth. Thanks!

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Hey, congratulations on the new job!!! How exciting!

Take the time you need to settle in and get comfortable with your schedule. When you are able and ready, let us know! I’ll try and keep you posted at each step!