Volunteer for Help Desk Manager Fall 16

Hello OpenMRS Community,

We need a person to help manage Helpdesk for OpenMRS for Fall 2016. Being a help desk manager is a valuable experience for people interested in learning community management, how things happen in an open source community and connecting people, this role gives you the opportunity to make a substantial and prominent contribution to the OpenMRS mission of building a community. This is a crucial role that ensures a pathway for the next awesome volunteer to connect to the right people.

The Help Desk Manager is not the person doing all the tasks rather making sure the cases are directed to respective persons that can handle a case and help keep things moving.

Remember, we are a community of volunteers that work together, so you will not be alone in your journey. We have a weekly project management calls to discuss issues, and several people in our community who can provide help for you and answer your questions.

We plan to have this role as a rotating volunteer role that allows volunteers in the community with interest of community management to learn how this aspect of a community runs.

Requirements/Expectations for this term:

  • Spend 3 - 5 hours a week minimum

  • Proficient to respond to emails and being respectful in interactions.

  • Make sure all cases have a response and continued followup

  • Document the types of cases that come in and how to handle them

  • Actively seek community support to find resolution for cases

To volunteer to be Help Desk Manager for OpenMRS Reference Fall 2016, reply to this talk thread (preferable) or reach out directly to @maurya (maurya■■■■■■■■■■■■).


@maurya, Thanks for this update. I would love to take up that opportunity to volunteer as a Help Desk Manager for OpenMRS Fall 2016. I have no experience but since we are working in a community i believe i will be guided on how to deliver as a Help Desk Manager. Thanks


Hi @maurya and all

I would love to volunteer to be openmrs help desk manager. I have been contributing to openmrs for a while now as a developer and I would love to begin exploring other departments.

I think I have been doing this already. Most of the issues at help desk needed someone from the infrastructure or someone with privileges which I have not yet merited. So what I have been doing basically is pinging those in the infrastructure like @pascal so he can handle such issues while I handle that which I can. But lately I was feeling like I was doing a lot of pings but now I realize that I was not even pinging enough.

But I will need a clearer info on that time period. I don’t know how long Fall is or when it even starts. Am just used to rainy and dry season :smile:


@ivange94 hahaahah. Welcome to the rainy and dry seasons in Africa! :smile:

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@ivange94, I LOVE this comment and it made me laugh outloud. I live in Arizona where we wish that we had a rainy season. it is usually hot or hotter here!

anyway, i think that the fall season will start very soon ( it is usually september ( already past) into January but i will let @maurya confirm!

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Come’on, you don’t even have a season to be specifically attacked by huge birds! :smiley:


What are the basic qualifications for ahelp desk manager?

Yes @ivange94 as @terry mentioned it starts in September and ends late December.

thanks for the query, I have made additions to the original post giving a little more detail of what to expect how the work would be.

Great. I’ll have a lot of time between that period :smile:

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Thanks,let me check:angel:

Hello All,

Congratulations @hilz041 ,@ivange94, @primatrix!! for being selected as the Helpdesk Managers for Fall 2016. Thank you guys for volunteering to take up this task and leading the effort.

This is the first time we have advertised the Helpdesk Manager Role. There is a lot of heavy lifting to be done in terms of getting things into a smooth state and having a process setup for future Helpdesk Managers. They will be working as a team to standardize our Helpdesk methods and document them.


Congrats guys! And thanks for volunteering


Thanks and looking forward to your support and guidance.


Thanks OpenMRS for the opportunity to have this awesome experience. I look forward to working with you all.


Hello @maurya and team Is this closed or rather am i late I have been trying to track this page for days without success.But hey i need to be included on the Help Desk Team if not late thanks

Congs @ivange94,@hilz041

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