Voiding/retiring and deleting patients and all their data

What is the suggested way to void or retire (often don’t know how this is called in OpenMRS) data entry. E.g. if accidentally a visit was opened for the wrong patient or if a mistake during patient registration was made (e.g. patient wasn’t meant to be registered at the OPD at all)?

Additionally: Is there any support for physically deleting patients, e.g. patients simply created for test purpose? (I know this is not supposed to happen in production environments. Nevertheless, it happens…)

Hi Christian,

From Bahmni application, you can only close a VISIT and you can not delete a patient. But there is a way to delete (It’s called voiding in OpenMRS terms). 1.Open openmrs and goto Advanced Setting and Manage Patient or URL /openmrs/admin/patients/index.htm 2. Search patient with name / id. 3.At the end you have a delete button with reason. You can restore the patient also incase if you have deleted by mistake.

OK, that’s good to know.

This raises a followup question for: Is there full voiding & retiring support for all OpenMRS data elements within Bahmni? So besides for patients, I can think of concepts, obs, encounter, programs and enrollments, locations, and others.

Yes, if you void any data element, Bahmni will not show it up on UI.

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That’s good to know that it is fully supported.

I got the feeling that when I had a first initial look at some reports, that I was missing a few voided=0 checks. However I didn’t dig deeper and might have not understood everything. I will have a look again later.

We might have missed the voided check in some reports. If you come across any such, please do report. Thanks :smile: