Visiting OpenMRS Sites in Uganda

Hello everyone,

I am from Uganda and just joined the OPENMRS community a few weeks (roughly two weeks) ago and for all this time I have been learning so much about how to install the system and all the underlying technologies involved. I was wondering if I can visit some of the sites running OpenMRS. I would really love to have a feel of what happens on ground. If there are any prerequisites before I can visit, someone kindly let me know.


Welcome to the Openmrs community @bugingo, Uganda uses UgandaEMR and you can visit Kisenyi Health Center 4 and also Mulago(Kirunddu) along salama road, Komamboga Health Center 4 also uses UgandaEMR. Since OpenMRS is an open source system i dont think you need any prerequisite to get there, let hope @ssmusoke can give you other sites in Uganda where the system is deployed. Thanks and welcome to the community.

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Welcome my namesake! :slight_smile: @ssmusoke should be able to guide you on this!

Oh thanks @hilz041 for the information I will contact @ssmusoke in case of anything.

Yes namesake @dkayiwa its a good feeling knowing you are here. And surprisingly I usually go to Mulago OPD (Kiruddu) at least twice a month for tech support.

@bugingo Then Kiruddu is your best bet, as the major need is to get administrative clearance.