Virtual OpenMRS Mini-Community Meeting May 18th to 19th.

Hello everyone,

The Virtual OpenMRS Mini-Community Meeting which was scheduled for April 20 & 21, has been pushed forward to May 18 & 19. What it means is you have more time to sign up and prepare any presentation or demos you would like to share with the community. Details on the conference remain as communicated early and as indicated below:

Meeting timing.

The meeting will take place on 18 & 19 May 2022, as from the following times: 1pm to 5pm UTC | 4pm EAT to 8pm EAT | 2pm - 6pm WAT| 6am-10amPDT|6:30pm-10:30pm IST.


Proceed to register via our set up Zoom registration .

Upon successful registration you will automatically receive a personalised Zoom link, shared on email. There is also a link provided which you can use to add the event to your calendar .

Lighting talks.

Share your ideas and experience! Demo what you’ve been working on! The only caveat? A 5-minute time limit. Sign up here.

Implementer showcase.

Get to find out what OpenMRS implementers are working on this year and see how best you can collaborate among the community and with other implementers’ as well. Each Implementer who has signed up will have 10 mins to share:

  • What are you currently working on?
  • Plans for the year.
  • Pain-points.
  • What problems is your work trying to solve?

The sign-up sheet is available here .

Squad Showcase.

In addition to the implementers’ showcase, the community will also get to see what the different squads are working on. Each squad will have strictly 10 mins .

The slide template are available: here

For more details, including the conference schedule, please check out the wiki page available here . :point_left: