View on Designs for Nigeria Telemedicine App

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Hello community, As a part of my first sprint for GSoC, I will be starting work on implementing the front-end only version of the Nigeria Telemedicine App. But first, I and @isears decided that it would be a good idea to get the views of the community on the designs. So here are the designs. We would love to hear from everyone.
(regarding Material Design Specifications, they will be taken care of :wink: )

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  • What does SOS mean?

  • Do you have a login screen?

  • Is About Us, a commonly used feature to deserve such a prominent place on the dashboard?

  • What does Check Status do?

@dkayiwa you can check the detailed implementation of SOS and Check Status at

  • No we do not have a login screen.
  • Regarding the placement of About Us, even I wanted to place it somewhere else but four options on the dashboard looked more symmetric that is why I placed it there. I will surely discuss this with @isears.
    Thanks a lot for your input :smile: