Version error while trying to start module

OpenMRS Version: master

Question: I’m trying to install my (as of yet unchanged) REST module into OpenMRS as a prelude to working on tickets on the REST API. I’ve built the code, as per the step-by-step instructions, and started it in jetty. Installing the REST module fails though with this error message:

Error while trying to start module Module requires version matching 1.8.1. Current code version is ${parsedVersion.majorVersion}.${parsedVersion.minorVersion}.${parsedVersion.incrementalVersion}-${revisionNumber}

This suprises me, because I’ve gotten this to run at least once. I’ve torn down my workspace and rebuilt it several time since then, but I haven’t changed the source code.

What am I doing wrong?


This also happens to me once in a while. Just redo an mvn clean install on the core platform, to fix it.


As Daniel said, doing a mvn clean install for the module and use the newly generated .omod file should fix it.

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Thank you both. This resolved the issue. Someone else has already run into it too, and I was able to help him immediately.

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