Validation blocking registering a patient

There is this error while saving patients. Also when I click on unidentified, null is assigned to all these values, right??? or something like “UNKNOWN”

Sorry about it! Are you running an SDK or standalone instance?

Actually i was using to register the patient

The server was down and after restarting it, I have just registered a patient and its working pretty well. Kindly try out again and share the outcome.

Though, its working now, just this small query though

The error is generated when you click on which button?

Not the error, i am implementing unidentified patient case in Android Cllient, so wanted to know if i should send null or UNKNOWN in all the fields.

Kindly try experimenting yourself that is a demo server of which the information is not tracked anywhere and doesn’t cause any harm whatsoever.

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@rishabh997, you probably want to submit "unknown" boolean parameter = true|false and "gender" = "M"|"F".