Vagrant up error - bahmni-team/bahmni cannot be found

Installing Bahmni and I am encountering this issue

how can I resolve this?

I just checked. The box “bahmni-team/bahmni” seems to be available:

Is there an internet issue / firewall blocking access to in your network?

I don’t know if there is, I added atlas to trusted sites under security settings and still gave me this error

Can you access this URL from your browser:

Click on “bahmni-team/bahmni” url in the above page. Is there any error. If not, try doing a “vagrant up” again.

If the error persists; can you create a brand new folder (call it anything, and place it anywhere). Open Command Prompt, go to that folder, and type the commands:

vagrant init bahmni-team/bahmni vagrant up --provider virtualbox

What happens?

just tried this, still getting the same error

If you would be interested and if possible, I could give you login access to our server. thanks.

Most likely your network settings / firewall isn’t allowing download of the vagrant box from the above URL.

Maybe you can download the box directly from the browser. Please download using this link:

Then rename this to “”. Then copy the box file to the same directory “bahmni-vagrant”. Then open the file “Vagrantfile” in a text editor, and add these lines (remove the original line = “bahmni-080” config.vm.box_url = “file:///c:/Users/e4eserver7/Documents/bahmni/bahmni-vagrant/”

Save this file. And again fire the “vagrant up” command. It should now create a box using the downloaded .box file.

Note: The downloaded box size is about 1.5GB. It will take about an hour plus.

If the above steps don’t work, please attach a screenshot of your Windows Explorer, with the contents of “bahmni-vagrant” folder, and also attach the contents of your “Vagrantfile”.

just tried this and it didn’t work

here is the screenshot

I don’t see the “” file of 1.5GB in this folder screenshot. Did you download and copy it over? Also, can u check if the path of box_url is correct for your machine? (paste the path in command prompt to see if it goes to the correct folder):

cd c:/Users/e4eserver7/Documents/bahmni/bahmni-vagrant/

I checked the path and tried the process again, still facing same issue.

Please check the config.vm.box_url string value. The path there should point to the .box file. If you see it gives an error on top saying cannot find file “C:/Users”. Please check the path. Else, you can move the .box file to any location on your machine, and update the config.vm.box_url string value appropriately.