Vaccine options

Kind help please! am fixing the select element on the immunizations form to allows a user select a specific vaccine from a list of available options but I don’t seem to get the vaccine endpoint on this link OpenMRS Docs. Kindly how can I go about this? Could I be searching the wrong thing?

cc @dkayiwa, @vasharma05 , @samuel34, @ibacher, @corneliouzbett, @dkigen, @hadijah315

Can you share the ticket that you are working on?

Am sorry for not sharing in advance. Kindly this is the ticket link [O3-698] Introduce select feature for adding immunizations to table - OpenMRS Issues.

There’s no specific endpoint just for vaccines. Vaccines are just concepts from the concept dictionary. It looks like they are setup as concept answers to the concept marked as CIEL:984. That list would be the list of valid vaccinations for an implementation (maybe we should generalise this into a convenience set?).

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@jwnasambu We use this concept for immunizations:

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And from the ticket, it looks like the end point would be:

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@dkayiwa I was able to find immunization endPoint GET:// but I don’t see any vaccines in its response as reflected in the snapshot below

Kindly where and how can I get the vaccine data to use in the select dropdown. For now I have used some mock immunisation data that I found in the immunization.mock file and the dropdown is working as expected as reflected on the snapshot below

Hi @ball @dkayiwa! I couldn’t find any immunizations in the Dev3 server. Can you please help us with how to add one, or help us by adding it? It’ll mean a lot to us. Thanks!

@vasharma05 we unblocked you on this yesterday by adding CIEL 984 to the O3 config, right?